Thanks to YEAP! we can connect things to the internet.

What is the ‘Internet of Things’? (IoT)

What is YEAP!?

YEAP! It is the largest IoT operator LoRaWAN in the region..

We create technological solutions based on device communication for more efficient and profitable developments.

Network, Hardware, solutions and support.
All in the same place.

YEAP! 360º solutions for the 'Internet of Things'



We create IoT networks that bring solutions and value to people or businesses.


We have the necessary hardware for developers to have their own Iot product.


Internet of Things among people. Solutions for the final consumer, making their life easier with an innovative and simple product.

Who do we work with?


We bring solutions aimed at making your processes and businesses more efficient and smarter.


The YEAP developer community has training, study material and access to the Network.


We accompany each client in this new world of IoT, providing information and support for their new developments.

Tell us what you need and we’ll contact you to make it possible.