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Oriented to small projects and developers who are just beginning to experiment with the YEAP Network!

  • Up to 5 Test Nodes (with unlimited connectivity)
  • Documentary support
  • Technical Support



Oriented to developers and small businesses with one or more LoRaWAN connectivity projects.

  • Up to 20 Test Nodes (with unlimited connectivity)
  • Documentary support
  • Personal Technical Support
  • Access to the online blog



Oriented to companies and companies with concrete developments on the YEAP Network!

  • Preferred option
  • Up to 50 Test Nodes (with unlimited connectivity)
  • Documentary support
  • Personal Technical Support
  • GW coverage support
  • First choice for YEAP projects!
  • Analytics of consumption

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Lora is the term used to refer to Long Range wireless networks.

What is the LoRaWAN YEAP! Network?

LoRaWAN YEAP! It is the public network with a national scope that allows connecting low-power devices supporting bidirectional and very low-cost communication for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is optimized for low power consumption with the ability to manage millions and millions of devices. LoRaWAN’s innovative features provide geolocation, low-cost communications, and low power consumption for devices that can communicate for years without recharging.

Pros of Using LoRa?

Developing solutions with LoRa technology allows you to have low prices in communication plans and develop cheaper devices, giving others longer battery life, end-to-end security in information, two-way communications with devices, location without the need for gps, greater indoor coverage (even in underground environments).

Choose YEAP!

Choose us not only because we deploy a public network for IoT but because we offer an offer that suits your needs, paying according to what you need.

In addition we have all the tools to support any development from the creation of the devices to the final app. Our national network coverage allows you to develop massive verticals without deployment costs across the country.

How to register

To sign up, subscribe to our website and we will get in touch to give you all the necessary tools to connect your projects to our network.

How can I finance my project?

YEAP! You are looking for developers who would like to make their projects come true, we have many tools with which we can help you and finance your ideas.

Learn about the benefits of the Developer ecosystem

Access free and unlimited LoRaWAN connectivity for your devices, documentary support so that you have all the necessary tools when connecting. Access to other developers who may be working on similar projects. Support from our team to answer questions and make your integration faster.

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