Network Features

Wide Coverage

LPWA Networks are capable of transmitting messages over great distances. The coverage radius considered for Agriculture is greater than 20 km and greater than 5 km for the City.

Long Useful Life

Low transmit power ensures long life for battery powered nodes. Thus guaranteeing more than 5 years of battery life.

Minimum Infrastructure

YEAP! It is the most convenient alternative when deploying antennas to provide coverage in complete cities or in specific projects.

Open Standard

The LoRaWAN Communication Standard allows any developer to add their devices to the network.


YEAP! It provides the ability to determine the location of nodes by means of triangulation, thus providing their estimated position.


Network nodes are capable of both transmitting and receiving messages to update their firmware or perform an action.


By definition includes a double layer of encryption at the network and application level so that the entire ecosystem works safely.

Scalable Capacity

The YEAP Network! It serves an entire ecosystem as a whole, making it possible for nodes of different sectors to use the same infrastructure.

Connect to Our LoRaWAN Network

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