YEAP! in action

Internet of Things’ is the opportunity to use technology and connectivity to make life easier.

That’s why, in YEAP! we research and develop smart innovative solutions along with our main partners (People, businesses, and government).


  • Continuous Expansion of LoRaWAN coverage
  • Dedicated coverage for projects
  • NOC for monitoring the network, services and projects
  • Costs that optimize the profitability of projects

Smart City

Efficient management of resources and improvement in collection

  • Metered parking
  • Luminaire control
  • Waste monitoring
  • Weapon Tracking
  • Control of environmental variables


Residential – Industrial

  • Telemeasurement and control of variables of Energy, Liquids and Gaseous (Distributors)
  • AMI AMR systems

Industrial IoT

  • Energy efficiency
  • Asset Tracking
  • Camera control
  • Variable monitoring: Lux, Temp, Hum, Movi
  • Control and security systems

Smart Farming

  • Livestock monitoring: Position, pedometer, internal temperature, feed intake, etc.
  • Tracking and lures for assets
  • Wash sensor
  • Weather stations


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