Paulo Cosentino

A trajectory of more than 25 years in leading national and international companies in the field of technology and services. His experience is mainly focused on the leadership of teams for the management of start-ups and reengineering of companies, both in the field of local and multinational companies.


Group 6
Guillermo Novillo

Guillermo R Novillo, innovator since always, studied Communications Engineering at the National Technical University, spent the last 30 years developing and bringing to market products and services in the world of communications.

Now power the deployment of IoT leading the growth of the YEAP network!

RF Engineer and Network Performance Manager

Rafael Keteholhn

Senior commercial with more than 17 years of experience in startups, specialized in fast-paced operations in technology companies, related to internet and logistics. He trained in Hamburg, Germany in International Logistics. He studied Industrial Design at the UBA.

Today he is developing the commercial network of YEAP! boosting business from the joint development of solutions with customers in this growing world of Internet of Things.

Commercial Management

Marcelo Marcati

With 35 years of experience in the area of telecommunications, in companies such as Standard Electric Argentina, Siemens Argentina / Germany. and Hutchison Tel. Among the projects in which he worked, "Multicarrier" stands out in Mexico, "Technical Assistance and Expansions of Telephone Centers" in both Uruguay and Brazil.

He currently works as the Deployment Manager in the Operations area of YEAP!

Responsible network deployment

Nicolás Gagliardi

Nicolás is an Electronic Engineer with extensive experience in the world of Telecommunications, highlighting his work in the fiber optic branches and satellite links. He has also worked professionally in the R & D area of electronics.

He currently works as a LoRa / LoRaWAN Technology Specialist in the company YEAP !, giving both hardware and software support (apps) to the developers that require it, among other tasks.

Responsible for assistance to developers

Alex Joost Newbery

Alex Graduated in business administration, is a young professional who has participated since the beginning of YEAP! in the region. It is dedicated to prospecting, selling and implementing IoT projects for companies and industries.


Jaime Ospina

Master of Business Administration (MBA), bilingual. Extensive experience in Sales and Marketing Management in Services and Technology sectors. Certified in CRM, Coaching and NLP Recognized by GERENTE Magazine as one of the 100 most successful Colombian Managers

Country Manager Colombia

Oubay Atassi

Dynamic Senior Executive with extensive international experience in general administration, sales, marketing and consulting in systems and high-tech products for governments and industry.

Country Manager USA

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